02. Design

The formal stage for the operation design starts immediately after the Eligibility Committee at IDB Lab has approved the project’s draft concept. During this stage, the main documents that describe how the initiative will be implemented are developed. This stage is divided into the following phases:


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01. Coordination meeting

The team of specialists from IDB Lab and the proposing entity schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to coordinate the steps to formalize the operation design stage. During this meeting, the proposing entity will get an overview of the documents and instruments to be filled in with the support of the team of specialists from IDB Lab as part of the design stage of the project. Main documents include the Diagnosis of the Institutional Capacity and Integrity of the Entity (DICI), the Results Matrix, the Operation Budget, the Milestone Chart, and the Donors Memorandum.Please note that these documents are usually subject to an individual and a joint review process before they are ready for completion.

Aspects to be developed
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01. Design mission agenda
Icon Analysis mission

02. Analysis mission and document development

The analysis mission aims to round up the dialogue with the proposing entity and other project partners to agree on the bases required for a comprehensive operation design. The Project Team, the proposing entity, and other project partners analyze the economic, technical, financial, environmental, legal, and institutional aspects of the operation proposal and reconfirm the project amount. The analysis mission is the starting point to develop a series of tools that will be presented for final approval by the Donors Committee at IDB Lab.

Please note that the analysis mission can be conducted virtually or in person, depending on the Project Team’s decision. Depending on the format chosen, the task might last one or two weeks.

Documents that were not completed or initiated during the analysis mission must be developed in the following four months (maximum). During this stage, the Project Team follows up with the potential entity and the project partners closely.

Aspects to be developed
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01. Verification of the institutional capacity and integrity
02. Expected results and indicators over time
04. Project milestones
05. Project narration
Presentation to the Donors Committee

03. Presentation to the Donors Committee

After preparing the main documents of the project proposal, and depending on the type and amount of the initiative, the Project Team may submit the project proposal to the Donors Committee virtually or in person. Queries may be received from committee members after the proposal has been submitted for final approval. The IDB Lab Team, in coordination with the potential executing entity, will provide such clarifications.

The project submittal to the Donors Committee is the final milestone of the design stage. If the project is approved, the Project Team will coordinate with the IDB Legal Department to prepare the cooperation agreement between both institutions.