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Digital CONNECTOR COVID-19 is a meeting point and collaboration platform to support companies, entrepreneurs and citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean with three types of instruments:

1. Global digital innovations selected by a multidisciplinary network of experts.

2. Agreements that allow collaboration with developers to enhance the impact of their solutions.

3. Participation that facilitates the coordination and exchange of ideas, experiences and valuable information.

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Working for the region

to manage the pandemic


At IDB Lab we mobilize financing, knowledge and connections to promote innovation for inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The main objective of the Digital CONNECTOR is to serve as a platform for coordination, collaboration and dissemination of the digital innovations available globally for the benefit of vulnerable populations to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Digital CONNECTOR only shares information and IDB Lab is not prescribing the hiring or use of the showcased solutions. In some cases, we are facilitating, within the framework of the Digital CONNECTOR, collaboration agreements with the entities that own the intellectual property rights of the solutions to bring them closer to the citizens of the region at a minimum cost or for free.

We want, with everyone's help, to facilitate the rapid response of private sector and civil society organizations, promoting coordination and disseminating the best experiences and information to avoid duplication of efforts and delays in making available useful resources.

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Digital CONNECTOR Team

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A group of volunteers, experts in different fields, from health to technology, will oversee Digital CONNECTOR activities, assisting the IDB Lab team that will maintain the platform updated.

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