Recover Post-pandemic

Many initiatives are being launched for the period after the first crisis of the pandemic. Information is sought on these types of projects, especially those aimed at international collaboration and coordination to facilitate the exchange and movement of people.

DAVID-19 (IDB Lab)

DAVID-19 (IDB Lab)

Quarantine Management and Support

AVAILABLE: Own initiative (LACChain)

STATUS: Project

FUNCTIONALITY: Support confinement and quarantine processes. Prevention.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese

ADAPTABILITY: High, designed for the region

DAVID-19PAct® is a blockchain-based application for the development of a public action campaign (PAct) and a citizen pact (PAct) that joins others that emerged in other latitudes such as #stateacasa, #yomequedoencasa, #quedateencasa or #stayhome , providing in front of these the support of an application focused on promoting the decision of confinement. It allows responsible citizens to voluntarily record their periods of confinement and other critical information, so that they are useful for the analysis and decision-making of evaluation and management.

Vaccines Project (EBSI-Alastria)

Vaccines Project (EBSI-Alastria)

European- Spanish initiative

AVAILABLE: Contact in progress, promoting by LACChain alliance

STATUS: Project under launching

FUNCTIONALITY: Vaccination record based on distributed record to share information between governmental authorities


ADAPTABILITY: High, to be proposed to the region

COVID-19 Passport Project (LACChain-others)

COVID-19 Passport Project (LACChain-others)

International collaboration project for the establishment of a standardized certificate that facilitates the movement of people

The normalization of the movement of people will mean the standardization of credentials recognized by as many countries as possible. Distributed technology can enable countries to have the ability to share and verify traveler status information in a respectful manner with privacy and protection of their personal data.