What we do

Our work in these topics, addresses specific challenges: How to foster climate and environmental resilience and adaptation, increase access to quality services, and generate greater livelihood opportunities throughout life? And we do it leveraging technology and new business models to accelerate and disrupt industries for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

Areas of Intervention


IDB Lab generates impact by promoting the development of industries and business models that offer solutions to people in vulnerable situations due to economic, social or environmental conditions. We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a tool to focus our efforts.


Our historical work

US$2+ billion

US$2+ billion

approved in projects across 26 LAC countries

2,700+ operations

2,700+ operations


1500+ allies

1500+ allies

from LAC and the world

Our Current Portfolio


500+ operations

US$700+ million

US$700+ million

in approved funds


800+ companies

financed directly or through funds


260+ partners


Project database

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