IDB Lab and Microsoft partner to support more women entrepreneurs in technology

WeXchange is the most important forum for women entrepreneurs in STEM in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year Microsoft is joining its 2019 edition, that will take place on November 13 and 14 in Asunción Paraguay. WeXchange is organized in partnership with Koga Impact Lab and Angel Ventures. With the presence of Susana García Robles of IDB Lab, on July 25, the call for the seventh edition of the event was launched in the offices of Microsoft Argentina.

Extremely interesting conversations were generated during the event regarding gender in the entrepreneurial world, the main challenges women face creating and growing their companies, Microsoft program for Startups differential over others and why it is key that companies like Microsoft support initiatives such as WeXchange.
The presentation was divided into two parts: the first part was exclusive for the press and the second one was conceived for actors in the innovation ecosystem. The event had the presence of 11 journalists, more than 20 articles published in the press, five women leaders of the entrepreneurial world, 60 entrepreneurs, investors and other ecosystem agents.

“You have to look at investments with a gender perspective. Despite the challenges, more and more women entrepreneurs in STEM areas are creating highly innovative and scalable companies. Latin America will lead a fundamental change in the venture capital industry related to diversity and inclusion.” Susana García Robles, Chief Investment Officer at IDB Lab.

“In the entrepreneurial world there are gender differences and we need to solve that problem. The foundations are being created so that there is peer-to-peer competitiveness with other markets. When I see the talent we have here, I am very optimistic.” Mariano Amartino, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups Latin America.

“Women need networks, people to help us grow, we need to leverage contacts. Having organizations like WeXchange and Microsoft that open the doors for you is super important to get started ”Sally Buberman. Co Founder and CEO of Wormhole.

The event in Argentina concluded with a Networking Cocktail where entrepreneurs, investors and agents from the entrepreneurial ecosystem got together to exchange experiences and best practices. This event was the ideal platform to present WeXchange and give more information about the Pitch Competition,  a business competition that rewards the most innovative and dynamic women entrepreneur in the region, whose tech-based enterprise demonstrates a high growth potential. During the networking cocktail, an expert panel was organized consisting of Susana García Robles, Mariano Amartino, Marta Cruz (NXTP Labs) and entrepreneurs Agustina Jait (TuVideoCV) and Cecilia Retegui (Zolvers).

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