A message from IDB Lab's CEO in the context of COVID-19

The making of the logo specifically the word lab with Casa Carlota Medellin

At IDB Lab we join the IDB Group's measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and continue our mandate to promote innovation for inclusion in Latin American and the Caribbean. Starting this week, all the Group's employees, at headquarters and in all its country offices, are working remotely. All events and meetings are taking place virtually as much as possible. We also know that most of our partners have already canceled face-to-face events. We thank all of them for their efforts and we ask that everyone contemplate this line of action that we also follow at the IDB Lab and throughout the IDB Group.

In these uncertain times, I want to let you know that at IDB Lab we are deploying tools and protocols that will allow us to navigate this situation without interrupting our operations, and we are taking all necessary steps to support you and our joint initiatives. As the scenario continues to evolve, we are aware that some partners are going to require help to overcome this situation, so we are working on adapting our instruments and requirements in those cases that are necessary within the framework of the projects and operations.

My team is working to establish communication channels (webinars) in order to share practical global knowledge that will help us adapt and face this new context. Now more than ever, we want to form an interconnected community of innovative initiatives and ideas to make the best of this situation.

In addition, the IDB Group is analyzing the economic consequences of the pandemic in its member countries and is considering alternatives for providing resources to help them weather the mid- and long-term effects.

We recognize that these times are highly uncertain, but something that we are sure of at IDB Lab is our commitment to our mission and in meeting our obligations to our partners in the region.

Irene Arias Hofman