How we work



BG - How we work

We have unique assets

  • A portfolio of flexible financial instruments, with a high tolerance to risk, and a capacity to mobilize third-party resources
  • A global and expanding network of connected partners
  • A dynamic knowledge offering, adapted to address the most pressing development challenges impacting inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean


Financing - BG

As the innovation platform in the development finance institution with the largest footprint in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), we have both an exceptional capacity to mobilize third-party resources and a risk tolerance fit for high impact projects. We channel these strengths through a flexible portfolio with different financing instruments.

We support projects and early stage companies, from ideation all the way up to scale.

Technical Cooperation

We finance ecosystem development and knowledge building activities through non-reimbursable funds, or funds with contingent recovery, whose repayment is determined by the financial performance of the project.

Venture Capital

We invest in venture capital funds and also, selectively, in companies with potential to generate transformational impact.


We offer different debt products to address the needs of companies with different growth profiles.



Knowledge BG

We co-create, curate, and disseminate practical knowledge to solve inclusion challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.


We systematize lessons from both successful and failed experiments, so that this learning can serve to replicate and scale what works, and avoid financing what does not work.

Open innovation

We promote challenges and prizes to discover innovations and business models that can be applied to solve social problems and promote inclusion in the region.


We generate forums to disseminate high-value knowledge about trends in inclusion, and provide a space for the exchange of ideas that will spark new projects and ventures.



Connections BG

IDB Lab is uniquely positioned to work with private sector partners and leverage the IDB’s influence with governments and civil society to maximize the impact of its projects and investments.

We connect capital, actors, and knowledge from all around the world to generate purpose-driven innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean.