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Platforms & Programs
Platforms & Programs
Wind farm
Get to know all our platforms Group of women entrepreneurs WeXchange

The pioneering platform for promoting female STEMpreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean.

afroamerican woman using cellphone LACChain

The global alliance for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean to reduce inequities and promote job

Handshake between man and robot fAIr LAC

The partnership between the public and private sectors, civil society, and academic institutions to influence public policy and the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the responsible use of artificial intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Water dam Source of Innovation

Public-Private alliance to promote the development and adoption of innovative solutions in the water, sanitation, and solid waste sector to achieve smart, inclusive, and sustainable services in LAC

Young woman hugging mother Silver Economy

Thematic hub around the business opportunities arising from the accelerated rate of population

Afroamerican man in the fields Govtech LATAM

An open innovation platform that makes it possible to bring new digital

Group of people next to recycled plastic Latitud R

The leading regional platform to articulate actions, investments, and knowledge on inclusive recycling towards a circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

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