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Spain - LATAM Scale Up
Spain - LATAM Scale Up
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Spain-LATAM Scale Up is an initiative of ICEX-Invest in Spain, IDB Lab, and Endeavor to attract Latin American startups and scale-ups that aim to expand to and establish themselves in Spain, as a gateway to the European market.

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The winning startups will participate in a one-week immersion program in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Over five days, they will meet the main ecosystem players, including contacts with more than 40 institutions, venture capital funds, corporations, accelerators, and other startups that operate global technology businesses from Spain. The winners will learn about the business climate in Spain and discuss with experts the legal, operational, and technological aspects necessary to establish operations in Spain as part of the global expansion of their businesses.

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We are looking for startups that:
Originate in Latin America

Startups created in one of the 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that are members of the IDB, with legal/fiscal headquarters in this region and that carry out their main activity there. We value the geographical diversity of the participating companies.

Focus on sustainability and impact

Startups that incorporate sustainability and impact criteria in their operations, measured through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Directly or indirectly invested in by IDB Lab

Alternatively, startups within the IDB Lab contact network may be considered.

Interested in Spain as an investment destination

Startups have an implementation and value creation plan for Spain as a gateway to the European market.

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There are 7 selection criteria:
  1. You are a technology-based startup with an innovative business model.
  2. You have traction in the market and a relevant amount of recurring income.
  3. You have a history of raising funds from investors.
  4. You have a high potential for social and environmental impact on poor and vulnerable populations and/or the environment.
  5. You have a clear interest in the Spanish market and the business demonstrates suitability for it.
  6. Your startup has the strength to take the step into new markets. 
  7. Your startup has a founding team that is inclusive in terms of gender and diversity. 
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CEO Koggi

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CEO Manejbem

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CEO Zafrales

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